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The whole time I’m thinking, ‘Okay, someone can now tell me what we are doing.’” On WWE vs film acting: “Timing is a big part of stunt work and fighting scenes. It’s something you learn in WWE, especially when they are really character-driven fights. It’s not just, ‘I’m going to fight this person.’ It’s thinking about how or why a certain character will fight another character in WWE. I feel I pulled from that and made me feel more comfortable in these scenes. I think it all shows on camera. There is a big difference between performing in WWE before thousands of people in an arena and acting in a scene with a camera close-up on your face. Having to make those adjustments, through acting classes and the roles I’ve had, I really enjoy the challenge of it. It’s a lot of fun.” On the women’s revolution in WWE: “It’s really exciting for me to watch, but at the same time it’s also hard because when I was a part of it, the movement hadn’t really started. It was always there.

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